Easy And Quick Tips To Fold Clothes For Laundry

By WeDoLaundry

We all know how easy it is to forget about your laundry and have it sit for weeks on that chair or couch. On the other hand, there’s also the issue of organising everything and have all your clothes wrinkled from bad folding techniques.

Since we want to make your lives easier, here are 8 quick tips you can use easily for every pile of laundry if you want to finish things faster or have your clothes looking nicely.

Cold Washing

If you have a professional washing machine (or a laundry service), you can use the cold cycle, and your clothes will still be fresh!

Cold water is the best way to keep wrinkles at bay and your clothes ready for you to wear.

Folding while warm

Using hot water, then it’s better for you to fold your laundry as soon as it’s out. Clothes will begin to wrinkle while they cool down, so make sure you don’t wait that long.


It’s more efficient to separate all clothes by categories after they’re out of the laundry basket.

If you start folding at random, you’ll have to keep opening and closing drawers or won’t develop a rhythm. As you fold categories, you’ll get used to folding pants after two or three, and your muscle memory will do the rest by inertia as you get used to the rhythm!

Using special tools

There’s a solution for everything today.

Do you have a pile of clothes? There are tools that you can use by simply place your clothes inside them and fold them with the table. You can guarantee everything will be uniform.

Another option is to use anti-wrinkle spray to keep all your clothes smooth.

The best part is that if you don’t want to spend extra, you can simply look for a laundry service that offers these as compliments!

Alternating collars

Folding shirts can get messy if all collars point to the right way. If your collars tip and you leave them like that for a long time, they’ll wrinkle and weaken over time.

Make sure to place your shirts alternated when folding them. If the first one has a north-facing collar, the next one should face the South.

Store your clothes vertically

We’re used to simply build stacks of clothes and keep them on the drawer to save time and space, but do we really save anything?

Folding your clothes vertically takes up the same amount of space; you only need to know how to adapt the folding technique depending on the drawer and clothes’ size.

Additionally, you won’t have to mess the whole drawer looking for shirts at the bottom of your pile! You’ll readily see everything comfortably as soon as you open the drawer.

Not everything deserves a hanger

Hangers aren’t just for fancy clothes. They keep clothes straight, so you can use a hanger whenever you don’t have time for folding and save yourself time.

You can leave anything but home-clothes on a hanger and simply fold them (or not!) once you have time.

Do NOT ball your socks!!!

It takes time. It takes up more space than just folding them. It kills the elastic band.

Just don’t.

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