Eight Reasons Why it Pays to Use a Laundry Service

By WeDoLaundry

Doing laundry can feel like a never-ending task. Depending on the size of your family, you could be doing laundry every day of the week. This consumes time you could be using for other more enjoyable pursuits.

Imagine not having to worry about doing laundry! Does this feel like a fantasy? Well, it need not be just a dream. You can have the wash sorted, washed, dried, folded, even ironed, and returned to you!

Think of the benefits! There would be no more rushing around to collect dirty clothes. Your schedule wouldn’t be crowded with laundry and ironing days. You wouldn’t run out of clothes to wear.

This is the nightmare of everyone who does the family laundry: It’s game day and your son’s soccer jersey is in the wash. The blue shirt that goes with your husband’s power suit is in the hamper and he has an important meeting.

You can wash those nightmares out of your life. Make no-laundry dreams a reality by choosing a professional laundry service. Perhaps you are already outsourcing home maintenance tasks. Do you have a pool boy? Does a lawn service cut your grass, weed the flowerbeds, and trim the shrubs? Do window washers make your windows clean, shiny, and streak-free? Does your cleaning angel come once a week to polish floors, scrub counters, and make bathrooms gleam? Do detailers whisk the family van away and bring it back shining inside and out? Why not use a service that will keep your clothes in mint condition while saving you energy, time, and relieving your life of stress?

Choosing a laundry service for your clothes and curtains has several advantages. Here are eight excellent reasons why you should use a professional laundry and dry cleaning service:

Save Money

Yes. That’s what I said. Using a laundry service instead of your washing machine can save money. First, purchasing a washer and dryer is a significant outlay. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1300.00 to $2000.00. For those who can’t afford to buy their own washing machines, a laundry service can save money. Then, you need to consider energy costs.

Electric dryers’ wattage ranges from about 2,000 to 6,000 watts. This is two to six kilowatt-hours of electricity. If you use an average rate of twelve cents per kilowatt-hour, an hour of drying will cost between 24 cents and 72 cents. On average, it costs 17 cents per load to run a washer in the US. This works out to $4.50 per month or just over $50.00 per year.

What about using a laundromat? Figure in the cost of travel. A realistic estimate is at least a dollar a trip. Average washer costs are $1.50 per load. Add drying cost averaging $1.50. Compare these to home laundry costs—including energy costs and the savings—excluding equipment—is $2.15 per load.

Most laundry services price their work per kilogram. Rates vary for different kinds of clothing. Since there is stiff competition, prices are affordable.

Save Time

Using a laundry service saves time. Besides regular laundry service, you can now get express laundry and laundry delivery. You can have your clothes cleaned while you focus on other tasks. Some services are open 24/7. Many guarantee on-time delivery. Estimating an hour a load to do laundry at home, and you can see the time saved.

Most laundry services are eager to accommodate your schedule. They will work with you to find a day and time that works best for you, for pick-up, drop-off, and delivery.

High Quality Cleaning Materials and Methods

Clothes, sheets, bedspreads, blanket, comforter, and drapes can all be laundered by a cleaning service. For all kinds of textiles and different fabrics which may require specialized cleaning methods and materials, cleaning services know just what to do. They guarantee results.

They clean stains from all types of fabrics. Delicate fabrics like silk, wool, linen, satin, or velvet require special handling. Laundry services are up to the challenge. They will prevent fabrics from wrinkling, shrinking, bleeding, or rippling. Professional cleaning services make articles look and feel just like new.

A Variety of Options

Laundry services offer a wide variety of washing and drying choices. One is just right for articles your laundry. Drapes or clothing made of delicate fabrics require special care. Some customers are allergic to certain detergents or fabric softeners. Professional laundry services are well equipped to accommodate your special needs.


Simply drop off your pile of dirty clothes. Many cleaning services even have a drive-up-and-drop-off option 24/7. Some pick up your laundry and drop it off all clean and folded. Many services also offer dry cleaning and minor repairs.


Many professional laundry services provide same day or next day returns. Some are open for pickup or drop off 24/7.

Professional Results

Forget those lost or mismatched socks. You are dealing with professionals. No one will treat your clothing better than a professional laundry service. Say good-bye to treating stains and color sorting. The professionals always use the right setting on washing machines and dryers. Using the best techniques and washing practices, your clothing is gently cleaned and stains are removed. Your clothing will be delivered to you in pristine condition. This treatment preserves your wardrobe and cuts down on the need to replace items.

Go Green

Speaking of going green, by using a service you will avoid the price of a high quality washer and dryer. You will save on energy and water bills. You won’t have to purchase and use items like detergent, stain remover, and fabric softener. Many of these are not environmentally friendly.

Most professional laundry services are eco-friendly in their washing, drying, and dry cleaning practices.

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