How Often should You Exactly Clean Your Coats and Jackets

By WeDoLaundry

Doing laundry may be a drag, but you still need to care for your clothes, especially your winter wear. That's right, your coats and jackets need special care so that they don't turn drab or look old after a few seasons. One of the best ways to keep your outerwear fresh and new-looking is to wash them at the right time. But how often should you really clean your jackets and coats?

The answer depends on multiple factors which we will find out in our post so that you know when to clean your outerwear.

Fabric and Frequency of Use

You will have to consider the fabric of your coats and jackets and your frequency of use to determine how often they need cleaning. It goes without saying that the more you wear your coats, the dirtier they will get, and you will need to clean them often.

Here's a rule of thumb guide for cleaning different outerwear-

Wool coats, leather jackets and down jackets: Try to clean them once a season if you have worn them less often. If you wear them regularly, try to clean them twice a season.

Fleece jackets: Clean them after wearing 6 to 7 times.

Blazers and suits: Wash them after wearing 4 to 5 times.

Rain jackets: If you wear them regularly, try to clean the jackets twice a month; else clean them once in a month. Make sure to use a quality water repellent finish to determine the effectiveness of the jacket's waterproof coating.

You can clean your jackets and coats any time when you feel they have become dirty or smelly. Else, follow the guidelines provided above.

Storing after Winter

Many of us just stuff our jackets and coats in the wardrobe after winter is over. But just throwing your outerwear in your closet without caring for them will do more harm than good. So, ensure that your jackets, suits and sweaters are clean before you store them.

Even if you don't see any visible signs of dirt or dust, it's always best to wash and store your winter wear. Otherwise, insects and pests like moths may be attracted to food or perfume odour and end up damaging your precious clothes.

Remember that wool coats and leather jackets need special care and machine or hand washing may not be suitable for them. You can consider dry cleaning such items to preserve their looks and form.

Winter Wear Cleaning Tips

Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning your outerwear-

  • Always read the care tag for washing instructions.
  • Pre-treat stains from food, dirt, sweat and splashes with a stain remover before you wash your outerwear.
  • Fasten all zips and buttons before cleaning to prevent snags and tears, and also to retain shape.
  • Wash coats and jackets of similar materials together. Do not mix different materials as they can result in fading or degradation
  • Use a gentle cycle to wash sensitive clothes such as wool jackets.

If you are too busy to clean your coats and jackets, WeDoLaundry is more than happy to shoulder your responsibilities. We collect your clothes from your address, wash them following all instructions and return them at your doorstep within 24 hours for maximum convenience.

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