How to Dry Clothes Quickly?

By WeDoLaundry

Drying clothes correctly is paramount if you want to keep them healthy and looking good.

Today, we’ll show you the tips you need for drying clothes regardless of whether you use a dryer or a line outside or inside.

Tips for the dryer

Shake them before drying

  • Doing this will prevent wrinkles and reduce the time it takes to dry, and it takes only a couple seconds!

Dry entire loads

  • Save money on your electric bill by loading the dryer completely instead of drying a few garments at a time.

Care for the settings

  • Keep in mind that you need to use certain settings depending on the material. Always read the tags and ask for advice.

Keep wet and partially dry separated

  • Adding wet items to your almost-dry load will mess with the moisture detector. You’ll get either over-dried or still-damp clothes.

Don’t leave clothes in the dryer

  • It’ll cause a lot of wrinkles, so always take out your clothes as soon as they’re done and fold them.

Tips for drying outside

Avoid freezing

  • If your clothes freeze, you’ll see the fibres will weaken and the colours will never be the same.

Sun VS Shade

  • Keep your white clothes out in the sun, but keep the shade for your coloured garments.

Boil clothespins

  • Boiling them for around 4 minutes and then quickly drying them will keep them strong and lasting longer.

Keep larger items by the corners

  • Sheets and blankets draped in the middle can suffer from the wind, so make sure to leave them on the corners.

Tips for drying inside

Hang them somewhere proper

  • Try to have a special room for drying your clothes. If you don’t have enough space, just don’t leave them on the bedroom or living room as it’ll expose you to mould.

Ensure ventilation

  • Keep as many windows open for as long as possible, and you can also employ extractor fans. It’ll help dry your clothes faster and keep excess moisture from everyone.

Be timely

  • Try to wash clothes as early as possible; avoid drying them in the dark, and the warmth from the sun will dry them faster.

Use hangers

  • Hang your nicer clothes on coat hangers and keep them away from the rack. It’ll ensure that they’ll dry better, and you’ll dry more items at the same time. On your clothes rack, you can also try to use hangers so that the clothes don’t rub too much.

Avoid humidity

  • If you have humidity issues, then drying clothes indoors will get worse. If necessary, buy a dehumidifier; it’ll even make the whole process faster.

You can always pay for a laundry service

Using a laundry service will save you a lot of time, and if you have to wash and dry indoors, it’ll even keep you and your home healthier.

Laundry services will simply pick up your clothes anywhere and hand them back after a short time all clean, dried, and ready for your drawers.

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