5 Laundry Hacks for Busy Moms

By WeDoLaundry

September, when Moms and families once again return to their back-to-school routines.

While summer presents its fair share of laundry struggles, the start of the school year brings with it timings to stick to, extra-curricular activities, and uniforms to wash.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom, home worker, or commuter, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your life a whole load easier.

Do laundry every day

This depends on how much laundry you produce. If you have young kids, it’s likely that this is a lot.

If that’s you, you’ll understand that there’s nothing more intimidating than seeing an ever-growing laundry pile. It may also seem intimidating to do laundry each day, but in this case, it’s about picking your poison.

Let the mountain grow and be faced with a back-to-back laundry day. Or schedule a small load each day - and enjoy time with your family on your sacred weekends.

Note: be sure to include the ‘folding’ element of laundry - this is an easy one to forfeit, but an ever-growing clean pile of laundry is no less overwhelming than a dirty one!

Follow a routine

Create a routine that works best for you. Whether this is putting in a load during breakfast time, or folding in the evening when the kids are in bed - it has to work with your schedule.

Once you have formed a plan though, do your best to stick to it!

Can your kids help?

Why not add in a couple of extra hands to help out? Simply having your kids put away their clean clothes can take a huge weight of time off the laundry process (this skips the folding too!)

Besides, teaching ‘em young can have several beneficial effects including promoting teamwork, responsibility, and self-reliance.

If your kids are old enough, they may even be able to do the entire process themselves. They will have to learn to do it themselves at some point, so why not during their teenage years?

Invest in bigger appliances

It will involve a one-time big cost - but if you have to do several washes a day because your washing machine just isn’t big enough - it’s worth it!

Your time is valuable, and we say do it if you have the resources to help yourself!

Use mesh bags

Matching socks is definitely one of the biggest (and most frustrating) time-wasting processes in the laundry. You may be wondering, is it even worth it?

If it is, a mesh bag is a way forward. This will keep all the socks together, making for easy pairing at the sorting stage.

Otherwise, maybe you could skip the sock-matching altogether. Try it, will it even be noticed?

If you are thinking of skipping the whole laundry process altogether, schedule a pick-up with We Do Laundry today. Operating in Metro Vancouver and Toronto, as well as other cities in BC and Ontario, we can take the entire load off your shoulders.

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