5 Laundry Tips for People Who Don’t Like Doing Laundry

By WeDoLaundry

Let’s face it! Not everyone enjoys doing laundry. Many regard it as a necessary evil. They grit their teeth and complete the task as quickly as possible. Some of my friends have to do laundry every day. Otherwise, it would pile up and overwhelm them. I cannot imagine the commitment that takes. If you are one of those people, these tried-and-true tips might help.

Tip #1 Have a System

Set up a routine. Avoid handling things twice. Even young kids can learn to put their dirty clothes in a bedroom laundry hamper. My neighbor even has a system where filled laundry hampers are deposited in the laundry room. She doesn’t have to go room to room collecting laundry.

Sorting ahead of time also speeds up the process. Another labor-saving trick is to have your family place clothes in separate hampers for whites and coloreds. Are you tired of those single socks? Have family members put their socks in mesh bags so they are washed and dried together.

Give thought to separating challenging items. Wash muddy clothes separately. Do sheets separately so they don’t get tangled and twisted. Create a load of lingerie and socks.

Presorting takes some of the labour out of laundry day. Just knowing that job is out of the way makes laundry seem less daunting.

There are other ways to make laundry easier. Give serious consideration to those items that require extra time and care. Maybe it is time they found a new home.

Tip #2 Get into a Routine

Set aside one day for coloured. Do whites on another day. One day might be set aside for bedding. Or, you may decide to do the bedding in Lisa’s room on the second and fourth Wednesdays in the month and Billy’s bedding on the first and third Wednesday. If you do this early, the sheets can be washed, dried, and back on the bed in one day.

By creating a routine, you won’t be spending an entire day washing, drying, folding, and putting laundry away. In an hour and a half, your laundry can be done for the day.

Choose the best time within your day to do laundry. This will depend on your schedule. Ask yourself whether you are a morning person, an afternoon person, or an evening person.

Tip #3: Create a Family Timetable

Schedule and place this timetable in a central location. Have family members check it daily. Remind them what will be washed on which days and where they need to put it. After a few weeks of your washing schedule, they will get with the program. Discuss things like how often certain items need to be washed. For example, socks and underwear need to be taken off and placed in the hamper every day. You need multiples of these so the kids don’t run out of them before the next scheduled wash.

Tip #4: Folding with Enthusiasm

Younger family members can learn to fold. If items are hard to fold or cumbersome to handle, fold them yourself. Do it in front of the TV. Give each family member a personal laundry basket. Items placed in baskets can be delivered to the room and put away by the owner. They can also help or work as a team to strip and remake their bed.

Tip #5: Reward Yourself

For those who dread doing laundry, it is almost impossible to make it fun. But, you can make it bearable. Approach it like a game. Having streamlined the process and established routines and schedules, doing laundry doesn’t seem so daunting.

Use a timer or stopwatch and aim for a personal best. Treat folding laundry and delivering it to individual bedrooms as a family relay race or a ‘fastest folder’ competition. Consider a laundry day song you play as you work.

Set up a self-reward for getting laundry done. Promise yourself a massage, a swim, thirty free minutes. While the washer is going through its cycle, engage in a fun activity like reading a book, giving yourself a facial, calling a friend, exercising to a DVD fitness video, or skimming through a magazine.


Laundry is a compulsory activity. While it is difficult to find the time and motivation to do the wash, consider what laundry day looked like a generation or two ago. Thank your lucky stars for high-tech machines. Using the tips I’ve given you, laundry duties will seem less like running a marathon. Why not use your creative juices to come up with more inspired laundry tips?

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