Making Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services Efficient for Canadians

By WeDoLaundry

Before you consider the cost of Canadian professional laundry and dry cleaning services, think about this: As a professional, it is important that you appear well-groomed. You cannot do this if your clothes are soiled, wrinkled, or lack freshness. Canadians are busy. Laundry and trips to the dry cleaner cost time and money.

You can save on both by having these services pick up your dirty clothes and return them cleaned, pressed, and even repaired. Many Toronto and Vancouver companies offer next-day service.

Besides finding a cleaning service that will do good work, pick up and drop off your cleaning, here are a few ideas. These can help reduce your dry cleaning costs.

1. Home Dry Cleaning

Thanks to modern technology, you can now purchase home dry cleaning kits. These don’t solve major cleaning needs but for a significant saving home dry cleaning kits will refresh clothes that are only slightly soiled. Look for these kits in pharmacies and big box stores.

2. Pay Close Attention to Labels

Some labels say "dry clean". Others advice: "dry clean only". What’s the difference? “Dry clean" means dry cleaning is a recommendation. But “dry clean only” is a warning not to wash the garment. If an item of clothing has the label “dry clean” it may be put in the washing machine or hand-washed. "Dry clean only" pertains to the type of fabric. It will not withstand laundering.

3. Be Fabric-Aware

Knowing the fabrics clothes are made of helps you be more knowledgeable about their care. Here are some examples: Clothing made of wool, cashmere, suede, or silk needs specific care. Don’t mess with these materials yourself. Entrust them to cleaning specialists.

Some fabrics respond favorably to hand washing or gentle cycle machine washing. Some need to be washed in only mild detergents. Some must be dried flat. Others can be air dried on hangers. Delicates can often be cleaned at home but you must know what you are doing. In busy lives, sometimes it makes more sense to let experts look after these garments.

Some fabrics are better cared for to keep them in pristine condition by sending them to the cleaners, spend some time on Google to see how you can care for your delicates at home and skip the cleaners.

4. Substitute a Steamer for Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Make sure the garment will tolerate steaming. If this is the case, use your steam iron to remove wrinkles. If the fabric is too delicate, consider a wrinkle-release product. Both will make your clothes look as fresh as just-off-the-rack garments.

5. Consider a Good Spot Cleaner

Many stains and smudges can be removed without dry cleaning. Try spot cleaning. This needs to be done as soon as they occur. I keep a spot cleaner in my purse and another in my car. This website contains valuable information about stain removal:

6. Extend Wear between Dry Cleanings

If you spray garments lightly with a non-staining fabric freshener and steam lightly that outfit will be as good as fresh from the cleaners. You can also skip washing items the same way. This cuts costs, saves time, and maintains garment quality.

7. Shop around

Not all cleaning services in Toronto or Vancouver charge the same prices. It pays to shop around for a more competitive dry cleaner. Look for “frequent customer” deals, discount days, and “by the pound” incentives. But, remember, some conveniences—like pickup and drop off and next day service—may be worth the extra cost. A few minutes of research can save a lot.

8. Take Stock

You may be paying for cleaning on clothes you aren’t wearing. Each season, assess your wardrobe. Set aside items that are out of style, no longer appropriate, or too large or small. Reduce dry cleaning costs by creating a minimalist closet.

Take stock of the items you are discarding. Are they fit to be donated? Would they make good theater costume items? Do you know someone who would like them? Crafters and quilters often find uses for cloth pieces.

It is important to look well groomed. In our busy Canadian lives, often professional cleaning services can save you time and money in achieving a professional look.

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