Quick Wash Setting: Are My Clothes Clean?

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It’s summertime and we’ve all got more important things to be doing than laundry.

One thing is for sure at this time of year, we want laundry time to be as minimal as possible.

Yet, we still don’t want to be wearing smelly tops, or faded swimwear because we failed to wash them after days of outdoor swimming.

Unfortunately, chores are still a thing - even when the sun is hot outside.

Quick Wash Setting

One thing we might do to save time is to use the quick-wash setting. Almost all washing machines have a ‘quick wash’ - sometimes referred to as an ‘eco wash’ or ‘light wash’ - that washes clothes for 20 minutes or less. That’s half the usual time of a 30-40 minute wash. It is also slightly gentler than the average cleaning cycle. So, the question is, does this setting still clean clothes?

The answer is yes.

However, to ensure the wash is able to clean effectively, you must not overload the washer and use the right amount of detergent. The laundry must not be heavily stained or soiled either - you’ll be very much disappointed with the results!

If you follow these rules, you should be left with some fresh clothes, even if 20 minutes doesn’t feel like enough!

Handy when there’s so much else to be doing outside.

Other reasons to ‘Quick Wash’

As well as the benefit of saving time, there are many other reasons to opt for the shorter, gentler wash cycle.


The quick wash setting uses less water and energy than standard cycles. This is better for the environment, and if your clothes are still turning out fresh, then it begs the question - why not?

When you have few clothes to wash

Have you ever been frustrated at putting just a few items through a 40-minute cycle? It is especially in the summertime when items such as swimwear and towels are used more frequently, therefore requiring lots of washing. However, chances are, you haven’t got a huge amount of bulk it out with! It is overkill to wash on a standard cycle.

That’s where the quick-wash comes in, it’s the perfect solution for lighter loads.

Less damage to your clothes

Long washes can take their toll on your clothes and linen. Especially if you are washing certain items a couple of times a week, this can cause damage and premature wear to the fabric. The shorter amount of time in the washing machine - the longer your clothes will last! However, this does depend on the settings of the spin cycle - check to see that your machine doesn’t operate on an ultra-high setting.

Extend the lifespan of your washing machine

Naturally, as the washing machine will be operating for a shorter amount of time, this will be less wearing for your machine. It is generally a rule of thumb that a machine will have a shorter lifespan the more it is used.

With all of these advantages combined, it seems like washing using shorter cycles could benefit us all. You may also want to know how you can dry your clothes quickly too - let's keep saving time!

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