The Best Hangers for Dry Clean Only Clothes

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If you are storing clothes, you want to make sure you have the best hangers for dry clean only clothes.

Shopping for hangers can be a confusing job. Every garment has specific needs. Which hanger will work best for those requirements?

Storing valuable and much-loved items on the wrong hanger can mean those clothes get stretched or warped permanently beyond repair.

To help you narrow down the many hanger options out there, we consulted organization experts about the best types of hangers for various articles of clothing, plus rounded up some of the best hangers around based on their guidance.

What should you look for? Consider these tips for choosing hangers for dry-cleaned clothes.

Tip #1: Do not choose wire hangers

When dry cleaners return your clothes to you they are usually on flimsy wire hangers. If these are clothes you will be storing hanging up, then you will want to get rid of those wire hangers. They aren’t wide enough to provide support. Furthermore, wire hangers can rust. They may stain your clothes.

Tip #2: Look for wide hangers

You need hangers that will support your stored garments. Thin hangers sag. Your clothes won’t retain their shape. Thin hangers leave ridges on your hanging items. Some thin hangers allow clothes to stay on the hangers. Choose hangers wide enough to support your clothes and retain their shape.

Tip #3: Maximize storage space

Closet space is not unlimited. Shoving clothes in drawers where they will get wrinkled or are hard to find isn’t an answer. If space is an issue look for hangers and hanger organizers that make maximum use of the closet space for your hanging clothes.

Tip #4: Why wood?

As new, trendier materialize on the market, wooden hangers are often overlooked. However, they are sturdier than wire or plastic. Clothes won’t fall off them and they are wide enough that they won’t leave lines or poke marks on the shoulders.

Wooden hangers provide adequate support for heavy jackets. If you hang tee shirts, wooden hangers keep the necks from stretching.

Cedar and other aromatic wood hangers are a built-in pest deterrents. They keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Pants and skirts hung on the wooden hangers don’t fall on the floor. They also don’t crease so you won’t have to iron them before you wear them.

Some contoured wooden hangers offer hanging space for a suit coat that maintains the jacket shape. The combo wooden hanger also offers space for the matching skirt or trousers. This is a great organizer and saves closet space.

Welcome to modern wood finishes. Now wooden hangers can be color-coordinated with your home décor. Your closet will look elegant. The versatility and sturdiness of the wooden hanger make it one of the best hangers for dry clean only clothes.

Tip #5: Don’t rule out plastic

Single-use plastic hangers have given plastic a reputation about as bad as drinking straws. But hanging clothes on plastic hangers is still an option as one of the best hangers for dry clean only clothes.

If you are on a budget, plastic hangers are the least expensive. Durable and easy to find, plastic hangers come in several sizes from small child hangers in smaller widths to larger wider hangers for adult clothing.

Because they come in many colours, plastic hangers make it easy to organize your closet by color-coding items.

While most plastic hangers are tubular, there are many types including plastic hangers with wire hooks.

With a notched design, these are popular for hanging shirts, blouses, tank tops, and slippery dresses. The notch keeps them from slipping and falling off the hanger.

There are some disadvantages. Plastic hangers are not popular with the eco-friendly crowd because of their reputation as single-use items in stores. But, there is no reason these hangers cannot be reused and recycled. In addition, household hangers are not purchased for one-time use.

Tubular plastic hangers frequently lose their shape causing clothing to sag and hooks to become useless. Thick plastic hangers are not visually pleasing.

But for the money, plastic hangers are one of the best hangers for dry clean only clothes.

Tip #6: Non-slip hangers

These hangers don’t take up a lot of room but more importantly, they work great with shirts, blouses, skirts, and dresses made of slippery material. Good choices are the velvet non-slip hangers from places like The Container Store.

Tip #7: Best suit hangers

Suits present a special challenge because they are heavy. Silky linings can make slip-proof hangers a necessity. You also want a companion pants hanger that won’t leave hanger creases on the pants or poke marks on the suit jacket shoulders.

Good choices are the velvet non-slip hangers from places like The Container Store. They have hangers specifically designed for pants, skirts, shirts, and suit jackets.

Tip #8: Seek cover!

Regardless of the type of hanger you choose, make sure you cover your dry clean only items to keep the dust from collecting while they are being stored. Zippered garment covers will also deter pests. There are many excellent hanger choices consider your needs and select the best hangers for dry clean only clothes.

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