The Top Laundry Room Decor Ideas

By WeDoLaundry

Do you feel your laundry room looks boring and old?

If yes, then we have got the perfect decor ideas! You can give a complete makeover and spice up your laundry room so that washing clothes becomes a pleasure.

Experiment with the Flooring

Before you choose to tear apart your laundry room, consider changing the flooring for a complete transformation. You can choose tiles for flooring with dramatic colours and patterns. Paint the walls with a new hue to go with the flooring and spruce up the interiors at minimum expense.

Add Shelves for Decorative Items

You can enhance the looks of your laundry room by adding a few shelves and filling them with decorative items. You can use a glass shelve or metal bracket for more appeal and place a few glass bowls with coloured stones.

The shelves will also look great with some frames containing stylized prints and graphics that match the decor of the room (you can use your printer to take prints). You can also use decorative boxes, glass jars, and other items to decorate the shelves.

Add a Touch of Green

You can throw in some indoor potted plants in your laundry room to achieve eco-friendly decor. The pots can go on top of cabinets, windowsills, beside the door and anywhere you, please! If you don't have room for plants, you can also capitalize on botanic wallpapers.

Hang some Paintings

If you have enough space on the walls, you can decorate your laundry room with display art and collectibles. You can also use artistic storage items like metal beach pails and hang them on the wall.For a customized look, you can also paint the items with bright colours of stick seashells with glue.

Choose a Theme

Themed laundry rooms have become a fad all around the world. You can take help of the following tips to come up with a theme-

  • Make your laundry room all about laundry using cleaning, washing and chore theme
  • Choose a natural theme like beaches, mountains or forests
  • You can also base the theme around your pets
  • Rustic cottage, English cabin, and colonial getup are classic themes
  • You can also go for ultra-modern and chic themes developed by an interior designer

General Decoration Items and Ideas

You will find several items around your home to enhance the decor of your laundry room. You can consider-

  • Adding wooden art, fixtures, and flooring
  • Decorating the room with colourful wallpapers, wall art or wall decals
  • Using decorative baskets, bags, and bins
  • Throwing in a stylish rug or carpet
  • Using artsy furniture and storage options
  • Keeping fresh flowers in vases

How to Choose the Right Decor

When you are considering decorating your laundry room, think of it as decorating any other room. Think of how you can blend it with your overall home decoration and achieve the effects you are looking for. You can use some common colours, patterns, or motifs used in other rooms to create a seamless flow.

In the end, don't forget to share pictures of your newly-decorated laundry room with friends and family!

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