Top Cleaning Tips For Your Home

By WeDoLaundry

While doing laundry is one of the things you would want to be done right – and what we can help you with – do you know how you can be good at the few other things to keep your house looking great?

We spend hours cleaning hours homes daily, but they still end up being unorganized and dusty. If you love keeping every corner of your house clean and bright just like I do, here are some tried-and-tested tips that will definitely help you out.

Use grapefruit and salt to clean the kitchen sink and bathtub

The next time you head to the supermarket for buying cleaning supplies, make sure to grab a grapefruit. Since it is a citrus fruit, grapefruit is high in citric acid. Cut the fruit and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on top of it. The abrasive texture of the salt with the acidic nature of grapefruit will help you get rid of all nasty oil and dirt stains easily.

Use cleaning wipes to cut down your work

If you are running low on time and the guests are arriving soon, good ol’ faithful cleaning wipes will come to your rescue. They are affordable and effectively disinfects an area. Wipe any surface in your house with the wipe such that it remains wet for at least three to five minutes. Pat it dry and all the germs are wiped away.

Don’t select the cheapest detergent

Powder detergents are cost-effective, but they aren’t the most efficient way to clean clothes. Instead, use liquid detergent, which is a bit more expensive but has enzymes that break and clean stains more effectively. More the quantity of enzymes present, the cleaner the clothes will come out of the washer. We use only the best detergents you will find in the market, to keep your clothes new-like longer.

Keep your washer smell fresh with bleach

Most washers come with a self-sanitizing feature, but it isn’t effective enough to remove infectious bacteria and virus. To clean your washer thoroughly, set it on sanitize setting, add a quarter cup of bleach, and keep the water hot. Do it twice a month for a fresh-smelling washer.

Clean baseboards with dryer sheets

No more kneeling and cleaning the baseboards for hours, all thanks to one simple trick. Switch the cloth on your floor, sweeper with dryer sheets to clean the baseboards. It not only picks up the tiny dust particles effortlessly but also make your house smell good.

Clean out stains quickly

Whether it is a paint stain or a wine stain, soak your clothes in cold water immediately. After 20 minutes, transfer it to the washer and add stain remover to it. If the stain persists, repeat the cycle and it will go away. Always use cold water for the washer cycles because hot water sets the stain. Never put stained clothes in the dryer as the stain might transfer to unstained clothes.

Use less detergent

Always use using one-half less than the recommended use to prevent overdosing. If the clothes are overdosed with detergent, it will retrap the dust and soil into the clothes and reduce their product life. By using less detergent, you not only save money but also make the clothes look fresher and cleaner. Dust your house every alternate day to keep allergies to a minimum. It also saves time that you will spend while deep cleaning.

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