Types of people who have close relationships with their laundry service

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Dry cleaning and laundry services are the unsung heroes of our hectic lifestyle. As we get from one place to another, some of us simply do not have the time to do our laundry. Thus, laundry services offer a reliable and convenient solution at incredibly reasonable prices. This is evident globally as according to Grand View Research, the dry cleaning and laundry service market size in 2019 was valued at US$ 60.88 billion and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.4% between 2020 and 2027.

Dry cleaning and laundry service have evolved over time to fit the needs of our ever increasingly busy lifestyle. From coin-operated laundromats to on-demand services and even laundry delivery services. Have you ever wondered who frequents them? Below, we’ve compiled a list of people who have a really close relationship with their laundry service. These include people who prefer using laundry services over washing clothes themselves at home, who might want to save their time and energy to focus on other more pressing tasks! Are laundromats and laundry services the answer to help us get more time out of life?

People who rely on laundry services

Tenants with no in-house laundry facilities

Laundry services are a gem for accommodation that does not have an in-house laundry facility. This is why the majority of our patrons fall into this category.

Those who always have no time

Unsurprisingly, a major portion of people who rely on laundry services has no time. Many people can fall in this category, even yourself! Saving time on doing your laundry yourself will open up new possibilities as you find other more meaningful things to fill up your time. And better yet, you can do all of this while smelling fresh and clean.

Seniors and disabled people

Doing laundry can be a challenging task for our elders as well as those who are less abled. With pick-up and drop-off laundry services, this is no longer a problem as they won’t even need to leave the house.


Travelers usually live in temporary accommodation with no laundry facilities like hostels, motels, or they just do not wish to pay the incredibly expensive laundry fees that most hotels offer. And so, travelers are also a category of people who depend on laundry services to help them stay clean for their entire trip.


Students are one of the busiest people with stacks upon stacks of homework, tests, and extracurricular activity. With so much going on in their lives, it’s hard to imagine that they are also expected to develop and maintain social lives. Thanks to the availability of laundromats and laundry services, this is no longer a problem as students can easily pop by a laundromat to get their laundry done in a jiffy.

New parents

Having a newborn is tiring, especially for new parents who have no prior experience. There’s the late-night crying, and the dirty nappies stacking up so quickly even though you are constantly washing them. Because of this, most parents with infants these days would prefer to send all their laundry, diapers, and nappies included to a laundry service to have them washed, cleaned, fresh, and folded, ready to be dirtied again.

People with work uniforms

Usually, people working in uniforms such as hospitality staff, medical staff, army personnel, etc., are expected to show up to work looking pristine. Nevertheless, uniforms are one of the toughest things to clean with all the stains and dirt that might get on them. They also might not have the necessary cleaning equipment or energy to undertake such a task. And thus, they send their clothes to laundry services who will return them clean and pressed.

Do you feel like doing laundry is taking up a lot of your time and energy? You are not alone! In fact, your answer might be located just 5 minutes away from your home.

With the rise of laundry delivery services like what we do at WeDoLaundry, you don’t have to go through another dull, back-breaking laundry day ever again. Instead, you can use this precious time to do whatever you wish! WeDoLaundry will pick up your dirty clothes from anywhere you like with just a few clicks or taps on your phone, have it professionally cleaned, and delivered folded and fresh to your doorstep! With complete and reliable laundry services like these, maybe it’s time to convert your laundry room into your dream room!

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