5 Ways to Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Laundry

By WeDoLaundry

Pets, our best friends, and loyal partners. Most of us would choose their company over humans any day. They love you, show you affection, but they can also leave your house looking rather - hairy.

Piles on the sofa, weaved into your carpets, and the worst of all, in your laundry!

There is nothing worse than finding your laundry looks worse than before it went in.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to keep the pet hair off your laundry.

1. Brush your pet regularly

Like us humans, loose hair will start to build up if not brushed.

This happens to your pets too, so be nice and brush away the loose hair using a special comb, and discard the built-up hair in the garbage.

Brushing their fur can even strengthen your human-dog bond… so you have no excuse not to do this!

2. Remove Fur Before Washing

Another preventative measure. The less hair that goes in, the less hair that will come out.

Work your clothes with a lint roller before adding to the machine, or latex gloves work a treat too. Rubbing the latex gloves on the clothing causes the fur to come away.

If you don’t have a lint roller, tape, or latex gloves to remove your pet hair, you can even try using a damp dishtowel.

3. Deep Clean your Washing Machine & Dryer

If you read our last post about Spring Cleaning in the Laundry Room, we gave instructions on how to deep clean both your washing machine and dryer. If you own a dog or cat, it’s even more crucial to keep on top of your appliance maintenance.

However, there’s an additional step.

Before you deep clean your washing machine and dryer, air-dry the drums by keeping the doors open for a day and use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove as much hair as possible.

Then, you can go ahead and deep-clean your appliances - without the pesky pet hair!

4. Run clothes in the dryer before the washing machine

You probably only want to use this step if you’ve got a real fur ball situation.

We all know that laundry can take up mountains of time - and we don’t want to add any unnecessary steps! However, throwing the clothes in the dryer for just ten minutes on a no to low heat cycle can cause the pet hairs to come loose, and catch in the lint trap.

To go one step further, add a damp cloth to the mix!

5. Use a steamer for your delicates

For your more delicate items, understandably you might not want to throw them in a dryer with a wet cloth.

If you use a steamer, you can slightly dampen the clothes which will loosen the pet hair. This will make it easier to detach using either a lint roller or with your hands! Voila.

There you have it, 5 home remedies to keep away pet hair from your laundry

Now, you can dedicate your time and affection to the most important part of your life - your pet!

If you want to dedicate even more time to your pet, you could consider using a drop off and pick up laundry service. Here at WeDoLaundry, we offer an on-demand, easy, and convenient laundry & dry-cleaning service in the surrounding Vancouver and Toronto area. All it takes is a click of your mouse, and you’re good to go!

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