WeDoLaundry Partners With Tru Earth to Help Save the Planet

By WeDoLaundry

In response to the harmful impact that many laundry detergent formulas have on our health and environment, WeDoLaundry has joined forces with Tru Earth, a revolutionary brand of eco-friendly detergents.

Tru Earth created its detergent strips as an alternative to tackle the environmental and health issues caused by many detergents on the market. Chemicals like arsenic and cadmium pollute rivers and waterways and create algae that suffocate marine life. The residues can also cause skin rashes and dermatitis.

Tru Earth sheets are certified by independent dermatologists for being safe even for the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, the detergent is Paraben-free, vegan, biodegradable, and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Since Tru Earth strips only weigh only a few grams, they also contribute to lighter loads for logistics teams; this saves fuel and cuts down pollution in the process.

Abhishek Arora, the co-founder of WeDoLaundry, said “We always advocate for environment-friendly processes that help to preserve our mother nature. Tru Earth is a great innovation that saves the planet and also makes washing much simpler. We say it’s a win-win situation for our customers, our planet, and our team! Starting in late July, we will also replace our laundry delivery bags with eco-friendly materials that pose zero threat to the environment."

WeDoLaundry, an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, is now serving residential and small businesses in the lower mainland with contactless pickup. We are also following the necessary precautions to keep our customers safe during the wash and fold process.

To try our eco-friendly laundry service. New customers can use coupon code “truly-friendly” for a 10% discount on their first pickup.

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