Why are On-Demand Service so Popular Today?

By WeDoLaundry

If you aren’t focusing on being aloof from the tech age, we’re sure you know how popular on- demand services are today. Order from your favorite food from the restaurants you like on SkipTheDishes or DoorDash. Get groceries delivered to your home with a grocery delivery service like Instacart. Or, go to the fitness classes you want to go to, with an on-demand service like ClassPass.

Vancouverites are probably even going to be welcoming Uber soon as well – if you were wondering when B.C. would get one. So, what’s it that makes on-demand services a hot favorite?

It’s a Lot Quicker

On-demand services are quick. Spend your time doing productive things that matter. Get going where you like quicker on a Uber. Or, order food from your home without the need to go and pick up. That’s not all – there are some on-demand educational services as well. You get to take the courses you want at your convenience and learn when you can.

Makes Things Easier

Did you miss your appointment because of the delays on the public transport? On-demand services help you do things quicker. Get food delivered to you in under an hour. Reach where you want, by hiring a car with companies like Drivezy. You will never need to wait or face delays!


Most of the on-demand services available today are affordable. If you’re looking for places on Airbnb, you can find one that fits your budget. With any food delivery service, you can find a restaurant that delivers food within your budget.

They Can Probably Meet Your Specific Needs

Many on-demand service providers take your preferences into account. If you’re looking for an Airbnb and want an attached bathroom, you can search for one. If you are ordering online and want to deliver a note that you want the food to be little spicy, you don’t need to hesitate. On-demand services offer you the customization you need while making things simpler.


Ultimately, you look for a reliable service that never lets you down. On-demand services offer you the reliability you need. You know what to expect – like how long the car would take to arrive at your place.

Laundry Service for a Peace of Mind with WeDoLaundry

Forget your troubles by choosing an on-demand laundry service that meets your needs. With WeDoLaundry, we aim to change how Vancouverites do laundry. We pick up your laundry from your address, wash and clean them, all within 24 hours- making for some convenient cleaning and washing. It’s another on-demand service you are sure to love!

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