Why do Canadian Physiotherapists Need Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services?

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All businesses have unique needs. When you are in a specialized medical enterprise like a chiropractor, an osteopath, a physiotherapist or other medical- specialty service, you have a responsibility to provide your Canadian clients with the most antiseptic environment possible. So, how do you provide this while still maintaining the other demands on your life? I have found outsourcing for many services—including laundry—to be an ideal solution.

Unique Laundry Needs of Physiotherapy

As a licensed physiotherapist Chrissy has practiced in major Canadian cities including Toronto and Vancouver. Most people understand the importance of reliable laundry services for hospitals. But few realize that for clinical settings like doctors’ offices and physiotherapy care facilities, cleaning services are of utmost need.

Her patients expect that the therapists and the linens used in the clinic will be crisp, clean, and fresh smelling at all times of the day. You might not realize that physiotherapy can make rigorous demands on professionals. It is not unusual for therapists to change their uniforms two or three times a day—depending on the depth and breadth of patient interaction in their therapy routines.

Special COVID Needs

As a professional, it is a physiotherapist’s obligation to provide hygienic conditions and sterile, clean equipment to patients. This is even more vital during COVID restrictions. Clients often have medical issues that make COVD-19 safety and prevention procedures critical.

How Much Laundry in a Physiotherapy Clinic?

As a therapist in a busy practice physiotherapists like Chrissy must have a large stockpile of clean towels on hand. It is not unusual to need up to ten towels per client. Averaging ten clients a day, laundry can quickly add up to hundreds of towels each week for every physiotherapist.

Now let’s talk about uniforms. Each therapist needs one uniform a day—minimum. But with active involvement, the physical demands may mean that each therapist may require several clean, fresh uniforms every day.

Why Choose to Outsource?

As you can see, dealing with laundering of towels and sheets would easily be a never-ending task. So, it makes sense for you or your staff to do it yourself, right? We can demonstrate that outsourced laundry services make for smart business.

Consider the set-up cost to install and maintain laundry equipment within your business premises. Then factor in the price of additional power and cleaning materials.

Then consider your time. Time spent on cleaning is time away from client-facing. This can be quite costly.

You could hire someone and pay them minimum wage. But your business would also purchase and maintain machines and laundry materials. Add the cost of hydro for washing and drying and outsourcing becomes very cost effective.

Using a laundry/dry cleaning business is commercially savvy. Not having to worry about laundry reduces stress and saves time.

It pays many dividends to outsource your physiotherapy business laundry Canadian laundry specialists.

What to Look for in a Cleaner

a) Convenience

What should you look for in a laundry/dry cleaning company? Most physiotherapists are busy people—both in their clinic and in their domestic life. They want a cleaning service that encompasses both laundry and dry cleaning. They want cleaning professionals that pick up and drop off. They need fast turnaround on towels, sheets, and uniforms.

b) Cost Effectiveness

While cost is not the only priority, finding an economical, trustworthy laundry and dry cleaning service is important.

c) Professional reputation

Most physiotherapy clinics have a high volume of linens and towels. These must look and smell clean. Perception of hygiene and professionalism is important in the healthcare business.

d) Extra attention to detail

Look for a company that goes the extra mile in finding and fixing things like missing buttons, frayed hems, or ripped seams is important to me. Physiotherapists do a lot of bending and stretching in serving client needs. Their uniforms frequently suffer because of these physical movements.

e) Environmentally friendly

Look for eco-friendly cleaning professionals for two reasons: Clients appreciate the fact that we are a green clinic. Even more important is the fact that many patients have allergic issues with some cleaning products.

f) Medical Specialization

Consider a laundry/dry cleaning company that specializes in hospitals, chiropractic and physiotherapy practices. They understand the unique needs for fast turnaround, hygienic conditions, and professional appearances.

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