Why Is Vinegar A Good Cleaner for Clothes?

By WeDoLaundry

There are countless hacks for saving money on a plethora of things. One of the favourites life hacks is vinegar, and it’s a common sight in many articles about alternative solutions to our problems.

Vinegar can remove grease. Vinegar gets rid of head lice. Vinegar works against pests. Vinegar cleans wounds.

All of those have two things in common: they’re some of the most popular Google searches, and they’re all true uses for this kitchen product.

Vinegar is also a great cleaner when it comes to cleaning your clothes. But why?

The nature of vinegar

Vinegar is basically wine turned sour. After the process for making wine, the sugars become alcohol, but if oxygen continues to access the product, you get a second transformation.

Leaving wine exposed causes the alcohol to turn into acetic acid, and that’s the core element in vinegar.

Vinegar is actually one of the most acidic substances (white vinegar being the strongest). At a 2.4 pH, it beats even orange juice. Among the few elements that can beat vinegar, we have your stomach juices and battery liquid.


The vinegar process

The pH levels in vinegar make it capable of dissolving a surprising amount of elements. You can use it against grease, soap remnants, and if you leave it on your skin for too long, it can burn you, especially white vinegar.

Vinegar works by basically dissolving all the scum built up on your surfaces. If you leave it acting for a moment, a swipe will often be enough to get rid of any stain.

Using vinegar and white soda into a paste is great for disappearing red wine from your fabrics. Pet urine is also no match for acetic acid.

The most effective type of vinegar

There are many types of vinegar; each one depends on the ingredients distilled, and some are more acidic than others.

White vinegar is produced synthetically with acetic acid and water at a laboratory. This type of vinegar is the strongest by far, and it’s one of the best cleaners. However, it can be too strong sometimes.

White vinegar can irritate your skin very quickly, and it can cause quite some damage on many surfaces if left for too long.

You can still use it on more delicate elements, but make sure to dilute it with water. While it can be more expensive, you can also go with a less acidic product like apple cider.

Taking care when using vinegar

Vinegar can stain fabrics if they’re delicate and you don’t dilute it properly. With surfaces like marble, you can even cause scratches to it.

Using vinegar is a great way to save money and time, yet you need to take the following considerations to ensure the safety of your things:

  • Always Google if what you’re trying to clean is resistant.
  • It’s better to have it too diluted than too concentrated.
  • White vinegar is the most potent, so be careful with it.
  • Always supervise and time your process. Too long, and it can do more harm than good!

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