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East York’s Trusted Laundry Valet Service.

Get personalized, professional help from East York’s finest laundromats and dry cleaners near you, complete with free pickup and delivery.

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Schedule your pickup according to your availability. Our staff member will arrive right at your doorstep at a time convenient for you!

You Schedule Your Pickup

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We Pickup & Co-ordinate With Laundromats

Our drivers will take your laundry to professional laundromats and dry cleaners near you for washing, drying and folding. We make sure the cleaners use 100% eco-friendly and high-quality detergents.

We Pickup & Co-ordinate With Laundromats

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We Deliver Your Clean Laundry

We will return your laundry in 12-48 hours and dry cleaning in 2-3 business days in a 100% eco-friendly green bag.

We Deliver Your Clean Laundry

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Save 9+ hours/month of your time with WeDoLaundry

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Our pricing is simple, the wash and fold fee is $1.99/lbs and we charge $9.99 for pickup and delivery which we will waive off when the laundry weight is over 28 lbs. And you may choose washing preferences by number of bags 1/bag. Household and Dry cleaning prices are per item please check the list on our pricing page and use the laundry weight estimator for an estimated cost on the service.
There is a $4.99 cancellation/rescheduling fee if we are notified up to 24 hours before the pickup time. If the pickup is cancelled at the time of the driver arriving to your door, a $9.99 fee is applied.
Yes, please email your proof (e.g. student ID) to before making an order and we will send you the coupon code for your discount right away.
You may use garbage bags for the first time of your laundry pick up. We provide free reusable fabric bags to our weekly and biweekly subscribers.
Our turnaround time for laundry is 24-48 hours depends on the location of the customers and 3-5 business days for dry cleaning. For example, if we pick up your laundry at 2 pm on Saturday, we will drop it off at 2 pm on Sunday/Monday. You can also request same-day-return, which will be accommodated at an extra charge.

Savour Your Evenings. Cherish Your Weekends.

Time isn’t just minutes and seconds; it’s precious moments ticking away.

Just think: with a few extra hours in your week, you could connect more with the people you love, take your fitness to the next level, or even turn that side hustle into a full-time business.

Armed with high-grade eco-friendly products, we’ll handle your laundry day so you can focus on what matters most.

Did You Know?

Of all the six administrative districts, East York held out the longest before finally joining the modern-day Toronto megacity in 1998. It was known as the “Borough of East York” before amalgamating with the rest. Just a couple of decades before this, it lifted its longtime ban on alcoholic beverages in restaurants and other establishments. And not a moment too soon!

Satisfied customers on WeDoLaundry

Andi Petrini
Richmond | May 25, 2022

Unexpectedly found myself stuck in Vancouver a week with a carry-on of dirty clothes. WeDoLaundry turned around my order in less than 24 hours, was communicative, affordable and it was so easy to get it picked up and dropped off to my hotel, which because of COVID, I couldn't leave. Thanks so much for helping out a girl in need of clean, virus-free clothes!

Kate Madden
Vancouver | May 25, 2022

I recently had major surgery and those service made life more manageable and recovery less stressful. It was affordable, convenient and easy.

Samantha Tara
Vancouver | Apr 22, 2022

WeDoLaundry saved us when our washer and dryer broke down. They are prompt, friendly, and the clothes always come back perfect. I highly recommend them for busy families. 5 stars for sure!

Chantal Milot RMT
Toronto | Apr 08, 2022

Very convenient and responsive service. We love that we can schedule our pick-ups and deliveries at our convenience, and we also love the many updates we receive regarding our order, so we are never left guessing. Thank you so much!

Shelly Craig
Vancouver | Apr 07, 2022

Very promp and polite. no real hidden costs. I enjoyed using their services.

Ashley Mendoza
Vancouver | Apr 06, 2022

I had my first experience with We Do Laundry last week. Their website is super easy to navigate! Once the pickup was arranged, I loved being able to track my driver with their interactive map. They are efficient, professional and they have excellent customer service. Give 2-3 days for dry cleaning, and regular laundry is awesome with the 24 hour turn around. Thank you so much - I recommend this service! Love the App, and again, the customer service is top notch!

Satyake Bakshi
Toronto | March 28, 2022

Quality Service! and very responsive!

Katie Brown
Vancouver | March 22, 2022

Amazing service, I booked and had my laundry back all within 24 hours. The staff is very friendly and responsive, they keep you up to date every step of the way and return your laundry in convenient carrier bags. I accidentally double paid (my fault, not theirs) and when I called to resolve they refunded my double payment without any hassle. Great value for the service and would highly recommend WeDoLaundry if you are looking for a hassle free ;laundry pickup service.

Jackie Hillary
Vancouver | January 07, 2022

Saved me when the washing machine was broken in my new apartment.

Jackie Hillary
Vancouver | January 07, 2022

Saved me when the washing machine was broken in my new apartment.

Raj Aujla
Vancouver | December 04, 2021

Excellent service! Very professional! Laundry picked up and delivered promptly. Laundry folded and packed neatly. Very friendly and polite staff, willing to listen to all concerns. Very happy with this service!

Judith Adam
Vancouver | November 21, 2021

My washer/dryer broke and I must wait a month for a new one. This service fills the gap perfectly. Efficient, flexible, and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend it! Much better than wasting half the day at the laundromat in the rain.

Husnal Kumar
Vancouver | November 23, 2021

I have been using this service for our work and I have to say they have be doing excellent work so far.

Kris Woz
Vancouver | October 30, 2021

So quick! Very professional! Thank you!

Jai Monga
Vancouver | October 30, 2021

I used WeDoLaundry service during my recent trip to Toronto. The pick up process was very efficient and smooth. I was contacted before the pick up and the pick up time was pre-arranged according to my availability. The laundry was delivered 24 hours later with no issues whatsoever. Great service. Highly recommended!

Teo Vasilescu
Vancouver | October 25, 2021

Literally the best experience. They did an amazing job on a big duvet, beautifully cleaned and re-packaged and brought back. If you need a quick turnaround or even for regular laundry, I can’t recommend these guys enough! Thank you!!!

Myke Helstein
Vancouver | October 24, 2021

WeDoLaundry is a fantastic service that I wish I knew about sooner! It was lovely to send all of our bedding and duvets off to be laundered at once, instead of spending a day washing load after load. The pickup/drop off process is as simple and staff were courteous. Our family will be using WeDoLaundry again!

Athina Nikolakakos
Vancouver | October 13, 2021

Great service! Very fast and efficient! I would recommend this service!

Emily W.
Vancouver | October 01, 2021

I don’t have laundry in my building and sitting and doing laundry for 7 hours is probably the worst chore on my list, and I just don’t have the time. You guys did 73 pounds of my laundry, which is insane - and for such a good price. I was able to get cold wash and hang dry and whatever other specializations. This took a huge stress off my shoulders. Thank you so much!!!

Marianne V.
Vancouver | September 28, 2021

This was such a game changer. A little luxury to have my bedding and clothes picked up washed and beautifully folded for the cost of a fast food delivery. Also a fantastic option for anyone with mobility issues or those that have a busy schedule. Will definitely be using this service again :)

Curt J.
Vancouver | August 09, 2021

Awesome staff, clean facilities, and nice location, highly recommend 👍🙂

BodyPulse Fitness Studio
Vancouver | August 08, 2021

We've been using WeDo Laundry for our business' laundry needs for a few years now. The team is very professional and deliver some great service. Any specific requests are handled quickly and efficiently. Great customer service! Thanks Team!

Sid B.
Toronto | August 03, 2021

Quick and reliable service for businesses, we use them to clean our coveralls regularly and they do an amazing job everytime!

Rupesh P.
Vancouver | August 02, 2021

Great Service, reliable and cost effective. Highly recommended.

Pratham B.
Toronto | July 29, 2021

Good service. Was easy to get laundry done while sitting at home. Good pricing for students. Highly recommend

Chantelle A.
Vancouver | July 18, 2021

They are very professional and on time when picking up my laundry. Communication is great.

Trina S.
Toronto | July 12, 2021

Best Laundry & Cleaning service! Professional, , well priced, exceptional cleaning. They care about their customer!

Hien D.
Vancouver | July 18, 2021

Great services. I had a long vacation in Vancouver and this was a great help. All I had to do was put all dirty clothes and made a simple reservation for pick up. Within a day, my clothes returned in clean and tidy fold condition. The price was also very reasonable with that great services.

Julia M.
Burnaby | July 09, 2021

An absolutely wonderful company to do business with. They are reliable, flexible, and will work with you to find the best plan for you and your business. I highly recommend!

Brooke L.
Vancouver | June 27, 2021

Great and friendly service. 24hr turn around for this family with three little kids stuck in a hotel. I am that grateful.

Leroy L.
Vancouver | June 21, 2021

Incredible service and quality.

Everod V.
Toronto | June 11, 2021

Amazing service, great time saver!

Heather C.
Vancouver | June 01, 2021

Excellent! Used this service for the first time. Day one- scheduled on line pick up for the following day. There are a lot of options so I chatted with the online representative for all of my questions. I received an email confirmation right away and then emails letting me know who would be my concierge for pick up and drop off. Day 2- I paid for the same day service and was made aware of when the clothes were completed and when they were coming back. The clothes are fresh, clean and perfectly folded. The concierge people were very patient and professional. Emmanuel was helpful with my questions when he picked up and Atoshi was very nice when delivering. All around awesome, would highly recommend. For company's reference my order number was #30808

Barbara S.
Toronto | May 14, 2021

Our laundry room is being renovated so I decided to send my laundry out rather than schlep it to a laundromat. I'm so pleased. It came back beautifully folded and ready for me to put it away.

Ashley Y.
Toronto | May 06, 2021

Really great service! Fast, easy and super friendly.

Andrea W.
Toronto | March 12, 2021

They were great! Great value for a Laundry service. Would use this service again.

Newsha T.
Vancouver | Feb 28, 2021

I've used We Do Laundry several times for one of my elderly clients. They've been amazing! Always on time and super responsive. June has gone out of his way to accommodate my schedule and deliver the items sooner that scheduled which I really appreciate. I'd definitely recommend them!

Paula J.
Vancouver | Feb 26, 2021

WeDoLaundry has made our life so much easier. June Caballes provides the best customer service. I appreciate that he showed up when he said he would. Highly recommend

Vancouver | Feb 21, 2021

Very satisfied! Excellent customer service!

Lisa G.
Burnaby | Feb 20, 2021

Very efficient! Will use again.

Sandra D.
Vancouver | Feb 19, 2021

Been using WeDoLaundry for months now and I am really impressed with their services, they are always on time and never fail to provide the best of the best! Highly recommended and will continue trusting their company for my laundry needs. Thank you for all that you do and for being very professional!

Jacob Y.
Vancouver | Jan 18, 2021

Great service and on time delivery!

Tina S.
Vancouver | Jan 14, 2021

Have tried this company both times and service has been great! Laundry arrives in good time and folded nicely. I have no complaints and would recommend to others.

Jenn N.
Toronto | Jan 12, 2021

Pleased with the ease, level of clean and quick turnaround.

Sheena E.
Toronto | Jan 09, 2021

Omg I am so thankful for this service. had my laundry picked up this morning and it was dropped off tonight beautifully folded and clean and smelling fresh. I absolutely recommend this for anyone!

Lisa E.
Langley | Jan 06, 2021

It's a great service for people who are not able to get out and do their own laundry! The service picks up the dirty laundry and 24 hours later they bring it back clean and folded!

Rebecca M.
Toronto | Dec 23, 2020

Quick, and they are in contact with you closely. Was a great experience and I would certainly use this service again! Thanks so much!

Barbara B.
Montreal | Dec 15, 2020

Great experience using the service. Great communication. Will definitely use the WeDoLaundry again.

Wanda Full Throttle Keam
Vancouver | Dec 14, 2020

Awesome service!!! Highly recommend!!!

Marco C.
Toronto | Nov 11, 2020

The laundry service is like my mom used to do. Well dried and folded. Like if they were pressed. I'm very pleased with their impeccable and unprecedented attention to all details. From pick up to delivery back to me all in same day As for price not cheap. Why should it be, their quality of service is Not. BTW I'm reviewing the one in Toronto not Vancouver.

Rcp l.
Vancouver | October 8, 2020

It's been quite difficult to find a linens service that will provide to a small start up clinic, as we do not produce as much linens as a fully operating office. WeDoLaundry has been exceptional and was kind enough to take on our clinic at our start up phase.We have been using their service since opening day. They were kind enough to accommodate our office as frequently as we needed, and has gone above and beyond with all our request.Abhishek has always been polite, shows excellent customer service and shows he truly cares about their customers.

Laura B.
Vancouver | September 26, 2020

Amazing service! Prompt, professional, courteous and the folding is way better than I can do myself. I very highly recommend them for any type of laundry needs! Super quick turnaround time. Great for catching up on your laundry backlog as well as any last minute rushes. Excellent value and a huge timesaver for any busy mom/dad!

Padmanathan R.
Burnaby | September 11, 2020

Great attitude and excellent service. Have been using them for a while now. No more having to run to laundry mat every Sunday morning...

Nisha S.
Vancouver | September 11, 2020

Great service. On time pick up and delivery. Clean and well folded and packed laundry. Well informed about status of your laundry via email. Super impressed. Surely recommend.

J cho.
Vancouver | September 9, 2020

Prompt pickup and delivery, excellent laundry service - clothes and bedding cleaned/folded/returned in 24 hours, what's not to love!

Shyla G.
Vancouver | August 23, 2020

They contacted me via text and phone call to ensure the location was correct to pick up. They asked me if i had any special instructions with my clothing. They also were very scheduled and on time with pick up and delivery. Over all very impressed and clothing was washed and folding immaculate. Very good service!

Samantha M.
Vancouver | August 18, 2020

Our dryer broke after ten years of loyal service, and while we are finding a replacement we have turned to wedolaundry for help. I did not realize what a treat having a laundry service is, and it is going to be hard to go back once we get a new dryer.We just bag up our dirty clothes, send them on their way, and 24 hours later they are returned to us neatly folded, pressed, stacked nicely, and smelling INCREDIBLE. We were never a fabric softener family, but for $2 we all get to smell CLEAN whenever we wear our clothes. I've been able to go Marie Kondo on all my drawers because of how nicely my clothes come! The service is incredible, I've had June pick up and drop off my laundry both times we used it and he was so professional and timely and chill. Wedolaundry has transformed laundry from an absolute chore to a delightful experience and honestly, I am dreading having to do my own laundry again!

Sean E.
Vancouver | August 17, 2020

Great wash and fold service. Highly recommend. Will be using them again!

Citident O.
Burnaby | August 11, 2020

Well-coordinated from account setup to 1st pick up.. saw their business from a FB group through June Caballes. Highly recommend to those looking for laundry service, whether for business or personal.

Michael H.
Vancouver | August 10, 2020

Nothing but positive things to say. Seamless process and very professional interactions with all those who are part of the process. 5 stars all around!

DeAnna M.
Vancouver | August 6, 2020

Amazing company and service! As a very busy vet clinic, a broken washing machine right before a long weekend creates chaos on so many levels. WeDoLaundry was able to fit us in for laundry pick-up the very next day and provided exemplary service. Very highly recommended, I would give more stars if I could!

Linda F.
Surrey | July 14, 2020

Used this service for the first time and very impressed...they were fast and efficient and driver was very nice...clothes nicely washed and folded..thanks do much!!

Robbie C.
Vancouver | June 22, 2020

Excellent customer service, Very polite and always willing to work around our schedule. The laundry always comes back clean neat and organized. Would recommend for business in need of a laundry service.

Jordan K.
Vancouver | May 3, 2020

I've just started to use a laundry service as I had usually got to the laundromat and did it myself.It's difficult to do ordinary tasks in extraordinary times. This is where We Do Laundry really helps me out. The Laundry always comes back super clean and crisply folded. They take care in their work and it shows. T.J my laundry valet is amazing texting me when he's about to arrive and drop off. You can even have contactless pickup and drop off as long as it's in a safe location. 10/10 would recommend.

Linda B.
Surrey | April 26, 2020

Fabulous thank you for the prompt service the other thing is the bags were to full and some were ripped. I recommend.

Wendy K.
Vancouver | April 25, 2020

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality.

Sekhon H.
Surrey | April 22, 2020

WeDoLaundry , are through professionals, we got our laundry in time and fresh and clean, all the clothes were properly folded in the green bags. Extremely happy with their honest and reliable service. Thank You Abhishek.

Gordon D.
Delta | April 17, 2020

This is my second time I've used We Do Laundry and in both cases their pickup and delivery was as promised. I highly recommend them.

Andrew B.
Vancouver | April 08, 2020

Responsiveness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value.

Brenna R.
Vancouver | March 22, 2020

So far, I am quite pleased with the subscription service.

Christien L.
Vancouver | February 13, 2020

Fast service, decent price. Everything came back neatly folded and as expected. Will use next time I'm in the city.

Derek V.
Vancouver | January 22, 2020

Have used this service since living in Vancouver, prices for dry cleaning & laundry are reasonable. I would highly recommend them to those who needs professional and quick service.

Corey M.
Vancouver | January 18, 2020

Fast, friendly, and excellent service!

Paul L.
Vancouver | January 7, 2020

So glad I found this laundry service. They picked up at our hotel promptly and returned before 5 o'clock. We received our clothes clean, neatly folded and stacked. Fantastic experience.... Gave them five star because they worth it. Customers for life!

Joelle P. A.
Vancouver | February 13, 2019

Easy ordering online, pick up and delivery on time!

Roy F.
Vancouver | November 30, 2019

Excellent and fast service. The delivery driver Gary was friendly and great in customer service.Would definitely recommend and use their services again.

Gurpreet D.
Surrey | November 12, 2019

I recently used Wedolaundry as I do not have the time to do my laundry. My laundry was delivered in excellent condition, breathing like fresh, brand new clothes. Highly recommend to everyone!

Lila B.
Vancouver | November 04, 2019

Super fast and amazing customer service, laundry was done with care.

Eshank S.
Vancouver | October 31, 2019

Great, service always on time and excellent work with my clothes... Calls in after the service for feedback.

Hans D.
Vancouver | October 30, 2019

Best, friendliest service I've used yet - great and easy webpage too!

Kirstin P.
Vancouver | October 23, 2019

Gary is amazing! He went out of his way to pick up and drop of washing in a timely manner. Helped us out with special requests and made sure we were satisfied with the service. Would definitely recommend wedolaundry.

Angelo B.
Vancouver | October 19, 2019

WeDoLaundry was amazing!! Very prompt service, friendly staff. They had my laundry back within 24 hours. The folding was impeccable and they had the towels folded and in a separate bag. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs to save a bit of time and stress. 5 star service.

Lara S.
Coquitlam | September 24, 2019

The service was wonderful. Provided email confirmations, was very punctual and reliable, called prior to pick up and delivery. Quality was very good. I would highly recommend We Do Laundry.

Cleo J.
Vancouver | September 16, 2019

First time with WeDoLaundry and the were great! Awesome and super friendly customer service. Very thankful and happy with my experience.

Maryam B.
Surrey | August 26, 2019

Very professionally handled. I don’t have laundry in my bsmt and was too busy with baby to get it done before moving to another bsmt next month.Great service. They were here on time, made sure I knew how my order was going to be handled.The laundry was folded in their green bags and handled back at said time. I would highly recommend their service and look forward to use it again.Thanks. Moving made easier.

Mijke B.
Vancouver | August 21, 2019

While on holiday with an infant, I needed some laundry done. Our washing was picked up and delivered back the same day. Everything was clean and smelled fresh. Overall really pleased with the service. Would recommend.

David K. S.
Vancouver | August 16, 2019

WeDoLaundry returned Laundry very neatly and folded. They picked up at our hotel quickly and returned before 7 o'clock. Very nice people to deal with and very good at whatever they are doing. Highly recommended to everyone!

Frederico T.
Vancouver | August 07, 2019

Excellent service! I wonder why nobody figure that out before. For only a few bucks I saved SO MUCH time. Please stay forever!

Ishneet K.
Surrey | October 04, 2018

Very reliable and easy to use service, gave them a call, they picked up my bag of laundry and next day got the clothes back nicely folded and clean.

Rohan B.
Surrey | October 03, 2018

Interesting concept and super friendly service.

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