Laundry As A Perk :)

Give your team the time to mark their laundry done with a click! 

Introduce laundry services as a time-saving company perk

Our budget-friendly plans will help you keep your crew motivated and engaged, whether your goal is to reward good performance, assist employees as needed, or provide all staff levels with a helpful new benefit.

Be a part of the change as we disrupt how people do laundry

We’re creating a perfect synergy between independent laundromats and delivery personnel to take the stress out of laundry.

By partnering with us, you will help to:

  • Nurture small local businesses and sustain the livelihoods of various stakeholders;
  • Promote the use of environmentally sustainable products; and
  • Make meaningful connections in our local community.

About WeDoLaundry

Corporate Account

Paid fully by the employer, OR partially by the employee.

How It Works

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You Schedule Your Pickup

Schedule your pickup according to your availability. Our staff member will arrive right at your doorstep at a time convenient for you!

You Schedule Your Pickup

Schedule Pickup

We Pickup & Co-ordinate With Laundromats

Our drivers will take your laundry to professional laundromats and dry cleaners near you for washing, drying and folding. We make sure the cleaners use 100% eco-friendly and high-quality detergents.

We Pickup & Co-ordinate With Laundromats

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We Deliver Your Clean Laundry

We will return your laundry in 12-48 hours and dry cleaning in 2-3 business days in a 100% eco-friendly green bag.

We Deliver Your Clean Laundry

Our Services

laundry-wash-fold services


household services


dry-cleaning services

Dry Cleaning

ironing services


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Call us today on +1 855-800-3972 or email us at

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